Invisalign - ClinCheck & Clear Correct - Treatment setup


Contact us by email (just click the red link below).


Upload your photos and IO scans/ impressions on your Doctor site as usual (Invisalign or Clear Correct). 

Dr. Jesper Hatt will carry out a free assessment of the proposed treatment, based on the patient’s ekstraoral and intraoral photos. We will help you select the cases for your own office and the cases you should refer to a specialist. 

In addition we will send you an email with treatment recommendations. Including restorative, hard- and soft tissue recommendations. 


If you decide to proceed. Send us an email with your case reference on your doctor site and grant us acces to your doctor site. (We will guide you how to do that)

We will fill out your prescription form and refine the basic treatment plan provided by Clear Correct or Invisalign. This will ensure your ideal clear aligner treatment plan. Dr. Jesper Hatt will make all the needed corrections for you.  You only need to approve the case or ask us for any additional corrections. Dr. Jesper Hatt will support you with clinical advice to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. 

In addition Dr. Jesper Hatt will provide you with suggestions for post-ortho treatment as well. 


We will be at your assistance, at any time during your treatment. 


FREE feasibility study based on photos of the patient (3 facial, 5 intraoral)

Treatment planning including all changes of ClinCheck®/Treatment setup, until the final treatmentplan is approved. 

ClinCheck®/Treatment setup for additional aligners

Expertise of Dr. Jesper Hatt (Pankey trained dentist with Scandinavian orthodontic treatment philosophy)

Assistance until the end of the treatment

Fixed price of the service: 170 € / 190 USD / 280 AUD (Currency depending on your country)

Would you like to sell more aligner treatments?

Book Dr. Jesper Hatt for a course on "how to sell more comprehensive cases 2.0"


Treatment planing for additional aligners is included in your fee for all cases.

Treatment planning service for additional aligners in cases without our previous involvement.

Price: 120,- € / 134 USD / 197 AUD.

Invisalign iGo provider in need of a comprehensive package?

We offer you the opportunity to utilise our comprehensive account to do the comprehensive cases in your own office. Even though you only have an iGo account at Invisalign. 

The proces is easy. 

  1. You follow the same procedure as when you do your iGo cases. 

  2. Add new patient in your own account.

  3. Upload your photos

  4. Upload your IO scans/Send your impressions. 

  5. Transfer the patient to our account. We will create an ideal treatment plan for you, following your instructions. You approve the case before we order it and send it to your office including a step by step instruction for your treatment. 

  6. Treat your patient

  7. At the end of the treatment we transfer the patient back to your account. 


Treatment planning service fee: 

    200 € / 222 USD / 328 AUD

+ Invisalign comprehensive fee and shipping with UPS.


Discover how we can help you boost your sales and clear aligner treatment succes

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