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For more than 15 years we have helped dental practitioners reach their dreams. 


Dentist & Coach

- Dental sales

- Practice optimisation

- Treatment planning service

- Practice owner for more than 12 years.

- International key opinionleader, digital workflow  - KaVo 

- Pankey trained practitioner

- Hands-on clinical instructor. 

- Invisalign/Clear aligner provider since 2008

My mission has always been to help people towards their dreams so they can live a fuller and richer life.

As a dentist, I have always been striving to deliver the best possible care for my patients. I soon found out that my fancy postgraduate educations did not make my patients accept treatment. In my pursuit for dental excellence i found out i needed to improve my leadership- and sales skills in order to be able to use my dental skills.


Throughout the years i have been working with business psychologists, dental consultants, architects, business consultants, sales consultants  and taken numerous courses in leadership, service and sales all over the world. All in pursuit of the ideal dental sales proces.

In 2018 I had to give up practicing due to numbness in some of my fingers. It made me and my team increase our speaking and teaching activity as well as offering my expertise with clear aligners.

I hope, that my team and i, will be able to improve your practice. Enabling you to deliver more comprehensive treatments for your patients. Without having to go through all the trouble i had to, to acquire the right skills to sell and deliver comprehensive treatments.  


Video, social media & story telling

- Producer

- Instructor

- Photographer

Among the customers:

- B&O

- Fredericia furniture

- VW international

Watch his work: 


Applied leadership

- Loves people and the interactions going on in social relationships

- More than 20 years of experience with applied leadership.

- Creative nature person.. 


- Project manager

- Ekspeditionleader

- Mountain guide

- 9 years in the danish army

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